The Buying Process

Whether it's your tenth or your first, buying a home can always intimidate buyers, especially in rapidly growing areas like Beaufort where great homes tend to sell quickly. Real estate agents can help mitigate the fear by assisting clients through each step of the buying process, creating not only painless but enjoyable buying experiences. Below is an overview of how the typical buying process works.

As a longstanding Beaufort resident with a Bachelor's in Finance, I guide my clients through the buying process, ensuring they make good decisions, especially financially, during their home buying experience. If you are looking to buy a home, please reach out in the contact field below or call me at (843) 252-1247. Let's work together to make your home buying process a breeze!


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  • Get Your Finances in Order

    Before buying a home, the first step is to determine how much you can afford and understand your credit history. It is typically recommended to purchase something that is no more than 3 to 5 times your annual income. To get your finances in order you need to:
    - Find out what type of mortgages you qualify for
    - Get mortgage pre-approval
    - Save for a down payment

    It is important to keep in mind there are some programs and loans that can help assist with down payments. Ask your realtor for advice on where to look!

  • Find the Right Property

    Determine what is important to you and share with your real estate expert to help you find a perfect match for you needs. Your realtor will set up appointments to view homes that meet your requirements. Some things to consider are:
    - Preferred locations
    - Style of home
    - Monthly mortgage payments
    - Schools in your district

  • Make an Offer

    When you find your perfect home lean on your real estate agent to counsel and assist you through the next few steps of making an offer. Your agent will help with:
    - Negotiations
    - Earnest money
    - Purchase agreement
    - Paperwork

  • Time to Relax!

    You can sit back and relax knowing your real estate agent will bring your transaction to a successful conclusion on the close date you and the seller have agreed upon. Ask your agent for any recommendations on services you may need after the closing is complete including: movers, painters, cleaning services, etc.

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