The Selling Process

Selling your home can be an overwhelming and arduous experience, but it doesn't have to be.  Below is an overview of how the process works to help simplify each step.

As a longstanding Beaufort resident with a Bachelor's in Finance, I guide my clients through the selling process, ensuring they make proper financial decisions for biggest return possible. If you are looking to sell your home, please reach out in the contact field below or call me at (843) 252-1274. I would love the opportunity to help you get your home sold!


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  • Preparing to sell

    After deciding to list your home for sale, locating an agent is your first step. To get the most value from a home sell, leveraging an agent's expertise is recommended.

    - Agent will tour home, assess value & make specific improvement recommendations to help make your house stand out and sell quick

  • Developing your marketing strategy

    Your agent will then determine a pricing and promotional strategy for your home. What are the special features to help you stand out? How much is the market saying your home is worth?

    After setting a competitive price, generating awareness of the home to buyers is the next step. During this stage, agents will have professional photos taken and will develop the home's marketing materials.

    Agents typically promote your home through:
    - MLS listings
    - Social media and advertising
    - Word-of-Mouth
    - Open House
    - Agent Tours

  • Showings

    Staging your home so prospective buyers can envision their lives in the home is a next key step.

    Sometimes this may mean decluttering your home, painting or renting furniture and decor from staging companies. Your realtor will help recommend the best actions to take for preparing your home to be toured.

  • Negotiating & closing the deal

    Have an interested buyer? It's time to negotiate! Negotiating can be especially stressful due to the quick nature of this step. Once a buyer is interested, the next steps are:

    - Price & purchase detail negotations
    - Home Inspections, appraisal, results & any re-negotations as a result of the home inspection
    - Acceptance of final negotiation terms
    - The Closing: the day that the deeds are transferred over and your home is sold

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